About us

About us

We deliver all magnets. From super small magnets to big boys. We have a large product range for the industry as well for private purposes.

Our stock counts over 3.000.000 magnets and we are convinced we can help you find the right magnet in our product range.

Important: our product range is larger as we show on the website, in case of special demands, challenge us!

We stand for:

  • The cheapest magnets on the market
  • The largest product range
  • More than 35 years of experience
  • Large stock
  • Own production in a foreign country
  • We can communicate in Dutch, German, English & French

Magnet Outlet

Asiadok-Oostkaai 28-29
2030 Antwerp
BE 0689.534.693
+32 3 666 33 48
Belfius Bank: BE80 0689 0883 6877