General terms & conditions

General terms and conditions

1. We take the necessary provisions to respect the delivery times and take no delay penalties.

2. The delay in delivery may under no circumstances give right to cancellation of the order.

3. The goods travel at the risk and peril of the addressee.

4. Any complaint, in order to be valid, must be in writing and at the latest within 5 days following the reception of the goods, at our company.

5. Subject to conflicting provision, our agents or representatives may the amount of the invoice is not.

6. The exchange rate risk is charged to the buyer.

7. Save as otherwise provided and written provision, our invoices are payable 30 days end of month.

8. Any amount that remains unpaid on its due date, it will be legally and without proof of default, interest calculated on the basis of the show by the National Bank of Belgium at the time of the issuance of the invoice charge applied for advances in account- Courant on Treasury bills, plus 2%.

9. In the case of non-payment on the due date, the seller reserves the right for the amount of the invoice to increase, by 10% with a minimum of 25,-euro.

10. The non-payment on the due date of a single invoice, of all the other, even not expired invoices legally due immediately.

11. When the buyer fails to perform his obligations, the sales of the dissolved legally and without proof of default, without prejudice to the rights of the seller on all damages and interests. To do this, the expression by the seller by registered letter will suffice.

12. If the confidence of the sellers in the creditworthiness of the buyers is shocked by acts of the buyers and/or demonstrable other happenings, that confidence in the good implementation of the undertakings given by buyers commitments in question and/or impossible, the seller has the right to demand suitable guarantees from the buyers. If the buyer refuse to retain the sellers the right, the seller can cancel the entire order or a part thereof, even if the goods were sent already in whole or in part.

13. Without prejudice to the buyers risk with respect to the goods, the seller reserves title to the delivered goods until complete payment of the price. The advances paid remain acquired the seller to compensate for the possible losses at resale.

14. Drawing and/or accepting bills of Exchange or other negotiable documents, does not contain novation and does not constitute a derogation from the conditions of sale.

15. In case of dispute, the Courts of Antwerp or the courts of the domicile of the buyer, at the seller's discretion, are only competent.

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