Magnetic fishing equipment

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Starter Fishing magnet 120

Starter fishing magnet with 120kg pulling power.
From €25.62

Starter Fishing magnet 200

Starter fishing magnet with 200kg pulling power.
From €57.02

Expert fishing magnet 300

Expert fishing magnet with 300kg pulling power.
From €81.82

Superpro fishing magnet 400

Superpro fishing magnet with 400kg pulling power.
From €103.31

GIGANTICO fishing magnet 600

GIGANTICO fishing magnet with 600kg pulling power.
From €144.63

Neodymium Pot magnet with countersunk screw-hole Ø40mm x Ø6,2mm x 8

Neodymium Pot magnet with countersunk screw-hole Ø40mm x Ø6,2mm x 8 Galvanised Pulling force: 60kg
From €4.34

Magnetic fishing with a fish magnet

This will bring your treasures up from the water. Choose your magnet from our broad variety. Determin the pulling power of the fish magnet you choose carefully. Know that there are several factors you need to take into account. Suppose you want to get a 15kg bike out of the water. A magnet with a pulling force of 15 kg is insufficient. Why? The frame of the bicycle is made of round tubes. Each magnet has a flat bottom. The contact surface of the magnet with the frame of the bicycle is therefore not fully utilized. This means you need a more powerful magnet. When the object that you want to get out of the water is covered with a layer of sludge or mud, it will be more difficult to fish it up. The more space there is between the magnet and the object you wish to fish, the less the pulling force the magnet will exert on this object. All sludge, underwater plants and other things that cover your object make a powerful magnet appropriate.
You can choose from multiple fish magnets. All offered magnets are bus magnets or pot magnets because they bundle the pulling force and are therefore 7 times more powerful than unprocessed magnets.

You can also choose from multiple choices in the implementation. Our experience shows that it is best to opt for magnets with screw socket, threaded stern or countersunk hole. This way you can choose which type suits you best. If you opt for a fish magnet with a threaded bush or threaded rod, you can mount an eyelet or eyelet with nut on it. If you choose a pot magnet with countersunk hole, you can choose the size of your bolt and nut / eyelet.

In the first paragraph we already talked about the pulling power of the fish magnets that is greatly influenced by various factors. BUT WATCH OUT! If the magnets come into contact directly with metal objects, they are very difficult to release. Be wary of fingers, hands and feet! Do not make the mistake to get body parts stuck between the magnets, or between a magnet and a metal object. A pulling force of 130 kg on a hand shatters every bone.