Pot magnets

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Ferrite Pot magnet with ball joint Ø43mm x 37mm

Ferrite Pot magnet with ball joint Ø43mm x 37mm Galvanised
From €6.45

Pot magnets

Pot magnets have the most applications. The pulling force increases to seven times the same size as a non-processed magnet! This keeps the magnets small at all times. Remember: the large pormagnets must be treated with the utmost caution. Otherwise you can get serious injuries!

The shape largely determines the application of all these flat pot magnets. Are you looking for a magnet with a threaded rod or a threaded hole? Rather, a recessed hole that makes it easier to screw. Everything is possible. Pot magnets with a threaded bush: you attach a nut to the threaded bush and you have the perfect fish magnet. You will not catch fish, but all metal. We recommend ferrite magnets for wet environments.

Choose from the different forms above. Once you have chosen the shape, you can specify whether you filter on neodymium pot magnets or opt for a ferrite pot magnet. The choice is huge. If you do not find what you were looking for, please feel free to contact us for a free and free quote.